Reflow Master Pro | Firmware Updater

Welcome to the firmware update page for the Reflow Master Pro!

This web-flash tool requires either the Chrome or Edge web browser to function.

This web-flash tool is not an Over The Air (OTA) update - It requires you to have your RMP connected to the computer you are running this tool on.

Latest firmware version is: v1.02a Release

See release notes at the bottom of page

Follow these steps to update your unit:
  • Select the UPDATE FIRMWARE menu option in the settings screen, which will put your unit into flashing mode
  • Click the blue connect button below
  • Select your RMP from the list of ports listed in the device window that pops up
  • Click "INSTALL RMPRO FIRMWARE" from the Device Dashboard window
  • Click "INSTALL" to confirm you want to flash your unit

The web flashing tool will then erase the flash on your RMP and re-flash it, and that's it, you're done!

IMPORTANT! Once complete your RMP will restart and you may get an error stating the serial port is not ready. That is simply because the serial port will change when the unit restarts. You can just close that dialogue.

V1.02a Release Notes

  • NEW Implemented mDNS so you can access your RMP in a browser via http://rmp.local
  • NEW Added ability to change default mDNS name per device in web settings
  • EXPERIMENTAL SSR PWM Frequency can now be set down to 1Hz and up to 500Hz
  • EXPERIMENTAL AUX Fan Frequency can now be set down to 1Hz
  • IMPROVED Renamed [SET LAST] button to [REVERT] in web settings
  • FIXED Some WEB settings variables were not correct

V1.01 Release Notes

  • IMPROVED Added more on screen help for setting up WiFi
  • FIXED Some WEB UI naming

V1.0 Release Notes

  • NEW Implemented web based settings
  • NEW Added new FAN control settings for RAMP, SOAK, REFLOW for more fine tuned control
  • IMPROVED AUX 1 & 2 Settings UI moved to individual pages
  • IMPROVED Increased FAN cooldown time for Reflow and Bake to 3 mins
  • IMPROVED Reduced MIN bake temperature to 30C
  • FIXED Booting off a new SD card should now not throw an error
  • FIXED Corrected wrong paste descriptions for some default paste profiles